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Building Hope: Substance Use in the Trades

October 27, 2022

Men account for around 3 out of 4 of overdose deaths in Canada which has become a leading cause of...

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The Next Wave of the Overdose Crisis

October 27, 2022

More than 100,000 Americans died of a drug overdose in 2021, the worst year on record. The newest wave of...

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Opioid Tragedy: Inside the Fentanyl Crisis | Ten Dollar Death Trip

March 24, 2022

With the world fighting a deadly pandemic, another heartbreaking public health crisis is raging in North America. A new synthetic...

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Opioid Overdose: Four Things We Can Do Today to Stop Senseless Deaths

March 21, 2022

While experts work on long-term solutions to the opioid epidemic, the rest of us can take action now to save...

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Beyond Stigma - by Subject Matter Health Research Lab

March 20, 2022

This animated video was created to explore the impact of stigma on all aspects of treatment for people living with...

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Expert panel urges safer supply, evidence-based system of care to reduce deaths from illicit drugs

March 19, 2022

A panel of subject-matter experts convened by the BC Coroners Service is calling for increased access to a safer supply...

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